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Off-Site Home Building

Your home, your way, on your lot.

If building your dream home in one of our communities does not fit your requirements, we would love to build on your site anywhere in Monroe, Ontario, or Western Wayne County.  We can assist you in locating the home site that is perfect for you.  Our experience and knowledge of site development can easily guide you through the design, approval, and site preparation process for your new home.


Our company has been building custom homes since 1977.  Our longevity is not due to luck, but hard work.  Diligently working to custom craft a home that exceeds our client’s expectations is what we strive for.  Our family has been in the home construction business for over 60 years. Through this time, we have adhered to values that few other contractors follow in modern times.  The homes of today a more complex, and have more custom amenities than homes just ten years ago.


Volume building requires hiring many different subcontractors.  We are not volume builders!  Many of our subcontractors have been with us in some instances for over 30 years.  This continuity yields a consistently high quality home that our clients expect.  We also will not use inferior materials or push the limits of the building codes in our construction.  Our service calls are minimal, and our customer satisfaction is exceptional.


It is our firm belief that the home we custom craft have all the amenities that our clients have in mind.  Whether the idea is off the internet, magazine, or a photo, we will create your home exactly the way you have envisioned it.  Taking ideas and designing the home to include products or features to fulfill your dreams is one of our many strengths.

blueprint of new home built by Visca Builders Inc.
Huge home in Wayne County built by Visca Builders inc.
Huge home in Wayne County built by Visca Builders inc.

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